Thursday, January 3, 2013

A New Year

As I look Forward to 2013, I look back and 2012 and remember the things I was grateful for.
1. My Crazy Little family
2. Buying our first House
3. A supportive husband that loves me even when I don't love myself.
4. Watching my children learn
5. For great teachers for my kids
6. For great friends
7. Making new friends
8. Annual Valentines Party
9. The Church
10. Good books
11.  My Favorite Meal replacement( I know Crazy, But I love it)
12. Being able to stay home with the kids
13. Jeremiahs Job
14. Paying off a major Debt. 
14. My backyard
15. Flowers blooming in December
16. Family Days
17. My husband that Cooks
18. Walk in closets.
19. Smart phones with GPS
20. My treadmill
21. Music
22. My Car
23. My In-Laws for raising an amazing person
24. Celebrated 9 years of marriage
25. Modern medicine 
26. My Sister
27. My Sister-n-law
28. My brother
29. The Outlet stores 5 minutes away.
30. Moving to a safer area
31. My church calling as a teacher.
32. My Sug- a- Mug kisses from Riley
33. My hug a dug a muggies from Riley
34. My daughters amazing memory that doesn't forget anything.
35. Learning my weaknesses
36. The Beach being only an hour away
37. Painted nails with Morgan
38. When my kids get along
39. Exercise
40. My Mom and Dad
41. Cheryl and Ray
42. Being able to go to Disneyland.
43. Cutting Morgans hair, ( No more fights)
44. Trying new things
45. Grass( Haven't had grass to mow for 21/2 years) 
46. Long hair (took me forever to grow)
47. Color Run 
48. Mud Run
49. Prayers
50. Good Health.

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